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APA 7th ed. Style Guide

This guide gives an overview of formatting a research paper using APA 7th edition citation style

APA Reference Style

Remember: This is an overview of APA 7th edition citation style NOT a substitute for using the Publication Manual or following your professors' instructions!

The information on this guide was created using 7th edition APA Publication Manual

American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American psychological Association (7th ed.).

What is APA 7th edition citation style?

APA or the American Psychological Association is an organization that publishes standards for academic research. Generally speaking, research in the fields of education, nursing, business, psychology, and social work follow these standards. The publication manual outlines the guidelines for formatting the paper, citing sources, grammar, and research reporting.

Why use APA 7th edition citation style?

APA 7th edition is one standard for formatting research papers that provides consistency in look and citation. All writers need to cite or give credit to others' ideas. The APA citation style gives rules for properly giving credit where credit is due. This also allows readers to do further research without be bogged down by citation interruptions.

When to use APA 7th edition citation style?

All academic research papers and presentations will follow a citation style. Use APA when the journal or professor requires this style or in fields like education, nursing, business, psychology, and social work. APA 7th edition is the most up to date edition released in Fall 2019. Please check with your professor regarding the edition to use.

How to cite in APA 7th edition citation style?

In-text citation: (Author last name, Publication date)

Reference List

Benjes-Small, C. & Miller, R. K. (2017). The new instruction librarian: A workbook for trainers and learners. ALA editions.

Major Updates in 7th edition

The following are some major changes between the 6th and 7th editions of the APA publication manual:

  • No longer list publisher location
  • doi should be written as a URL (
  • Different title page formatting for student versus professional papers
  • New guidelines on using singular "they" and bias-free language
  • For in-text citations with three or more authors use et al. after listing the first author's last name
  • Use the doi whenever possible 
  • Only in special cases uses the permalink for a journal article