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Accessibility in the Library

A help point for those looking for accessibility resources and services at the Union library.

Table of Contents

This guide gives information about the library's accessibility services and can help you find resources and services in the library. The librarians are happy to help answer your questions. 

Get Help in the Library

When you are in the library a librarian is always happy to help. The Get Help in the Library page will introduce you to the library staff.

Starting Your Research

When you start your research using library resources, you can find tips and links to get started on the Starting Your Research page.

Using the Library's Physical Space

When you are in the library building, the Using the Library's Physical Space page can help you navigate the library building.

Using Books

The library has lots of books, the Using Books page can help you find print and electronic books. 

Who Else Can Help

The library is not the only place at Union that can offer help. The Who Else Can Help page gives you some ideas for getting help from other places at Union.


Office of Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services has been charged with the responsibility of ensuring equal access for all qualified students with disabilities. 

For questions about Union's Disability Services or to apply for Disability Services, please visit the Office of Disabilities Services website for more information. 

You can also contact the Office of Disability Services and Esperanza Gonzalez for questions and concerns.

Office: PAC F-39
Phone: 731-661-6520

Contact the Library

If you have questions, a librarian is happy to help you.

Call us at (731) 661-5070

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