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Resources for students and faculty at MCUTS

MCUTS Library Manager

The MCUTS campus has a library manager available to help students with research needs.  The library manager, LeAn Inman, is on the MCUTS campus during the following hours: 

Monday: 4:30 pm - 8:30 pm 

Tuesday: 4:30 pm - 8:30 pm 

Thursday: 4:30 pm - 8:30pm


Phone: 901-324-2014 ext. 3107

Librarian Profile

Research Coaching

If you are needing research help, we have a new resource for you, video conferencing research coaching. During a Zoom video conference, the librarian can share their screen with you as they answer your questions and walk you through the research process. 

LeAn Inman is available for you during MCUTS class hours. Amber Wessies is available for research coaching appointments outside of the MCUTS hours. 

For directions on a video research conference, visit the "Research Coach Video Conferencing" Research Guide or click here.

Need additional help?

Students who need research help during MCUTS class times are encouraged to speak to LeAn Inman ( or 901-324-2014 ext. 3107), the library manager for the MCUTS campus. When Ms. Inman is not available, please contact Amber Wessies ( or 731-661-5058), the Instruction Librarian located on the Jackson campus.

Research Coach

Make a research coach appointment with a librarian today and get help framing research questions, finding or accessing resources, and citation help.  Students can meet with a librarian face-to-face, over the phone, or through Zoom video conferencing.