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Resources for students and faculty at MCUTS

Research Coach

Make a research coach appointment with a librarian today and get help framing research questions, finding or accessing resources, and citation help.  Students can meet with a librarian face-to-face, over the phone, or through Zoom video conferencing. 

Using the Articles page

To find articles or sources for research assignments, you may want to start here with general databases which cover a wide range of topics. MCUTS offers programs in the following areas or concentrations: business and leadership, psychology, urban theological studies (theology), as well as social work classes. Databases specific to these areas can be found by clicking your concentration in the tabs.

General Databases

General databases cover a wide variety of topics and useful for research in core courses.

Need Additional Help

Students who need research help during MCUTS class times are encouraged to speak to LeAn Inman ( or 901-324-2014 ext. 3107), the library manager for the MCUTS campus. When Ms. Inman is not available, please contact Amber Wessies ( or 731-661-5058), the Instruction Librarian located on the Jackson campus.

Request InterLibrary Loans

Union University is able to borrow items from other libraries when books or journal articles needed by our faculty, staff and students are unavailable at Union.

Please use one of the links below to submit a request for an interlibrary loan.