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Era of Study


Here are some websites and databases you can use to help you with brainstorming search terms. When you begin researching you will want to think of specific events and people that may have impacted what life was like for your ancestor. 

You may want to create a mind map or list of possible ideas that you can search related to the time period your ancestor lived and the history subtopic you chose.


These databases will be helpful to you as you research your history subtopic and time period. Looking in newspaper databases will be a good way to find out what stories/events were being covered at the time. 

Ancestor Research

If you are looking for information on your family tree or a specific ancestor, you can try some of these tips:

  1. If available look through old family photographs or maybe the family Bible. Many families kept track of births in the family Bible. 
  2. Interview relatives that may have been alive when your ancestor was or may have stories about when the ancestor was living. For example, you may be able to ask your mother about stories her grandmother told her about the family. 
  3. Try using HeritageQuest to find census information, military records, or obituaries. When you are using HeritageQuest, keep in mind that some names will be misspelled because of transcription and penmanship. 
  4. You may also find some information in the archives of the local library where your ancestors lived. If you visit the local library, a librarian can help you with using and searching the archives. This could include searching the previous editions of the local newspaper. 
  5. The state archives may also have information that you can search online. To find a particular state's online archives, google the state and archives for example TN State Archives. On their website, you will probably find a genealogy section with different options for searching. 
  6. The United States government has archives that are searchable online. A librarian for the national archives can help you with your search.


Research Help

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