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MLA 9th ed. Style Guide

Works Cited List

The works cited list is a formal list of all the sources that were used in the research assignment.  This list is often found at the end of the research paper.  It is usually organized alphabetically by author, and the citations are comprised of elements that are given from the source being used in a paper.   More information about creating the works cited list can be found in the MLA Handbook 9th ed. in chapter 5.   

The citations found on the works cited list is comprised of core elements, such as author's name; title of a source; publication date; etc.  The elements that are used to make a citation are listed below.

Look on the tabs labeled Books, Articles, and Websites/pages for examples of citing resources.  


You can use an interactive practice template to help form citations for your works cited from MLA Style Center.  

Core Elements

The core elements of a citation are as follows: 

     Author (who wrote the resource)

     Title of Source (the name of the resource; it is often prominently displayed so it's easy to see/find)

     Title of Container (the whole part of a source such as a journal - where articles are published)

     Other Contributors (editors, translators, illustrators, etc.)

     Version (updated version, editions, etc.)

     Number (the resource may be part of a series or sequence and require a volume and/or issue number)

     Publisher (the group responsible for producing the resource)

     Publication Date (the date the resource was published; look for a date that is most relevant to the resource being used)

     Location (refers to a page number or range for print materials or a url for electronic sources)