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MLA 9th ed. Style Guide

MLA 9th edition

DisclaimerThis guide is designed to provide a brief overview of the MLA 9th edition and does not replace the style handbook.  Please refer to the style handbook for more details on citing sources.  You can also contact Savannah Patterson ( or make a research coach appointment.  

The Modern Language Association style (MLA) is often used by scholars in language and literature.  Students and scholars in disciplines such as English and foreign languages (i.e. Spanish or French) commonly use MLA citation style. MLA requires both in-text citations in the body of a paper and a works cited list at the end of a paper that gives formal citations of all sources used for the research assignment.  

This guide provides brief examples and descriptions of how to cite works in a paper for in-text citations and the works cited page.  Additional information regarding inclusive language is included in the 9th edition handbook.  There is also a new appendix featuring more than one hundred examples of work-cited entries by publication format. 

Click the tabs to see examples and descriptions of citations for various types of resources. 


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