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MLA 8th ed. Style Guide

Examples for Websites and Webpages


Websites are the whole site rather than just a single page.  When citing a website, follow the format below and fill in the information that is presented on that website.  If there is not an author's name available, use the creators (or compilers) of the website as the author's name. 

General Format: 

Author (if available). Title. Name of Site. Name of institution/organization affliliated with the site, date of site creation, DOI (if available) or URL/permalink. Date of Access. 

*All citations must be double spaced with a hanging indent (the second line of citations should be indented by .5 inches)*

National Museum of Natural History. The Smithsonian Institution, Accessed 9 April 2020. 



Citing a webpage is a little different than citing a website.  A webpage is a part of the whole website so the title of the webpage needs to be in quotation marks while the name of the website (or compilers of the site) is in italics. If there is no author found on the webpage, start with the title of the page.   


Author of page (if available). "Title of page." Name of Website, Date of page (if available), URL. Date of Access. 


"Academic Freedom." American Library Association, April 2017, Accessed 9 April 2020.