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The Complete Presentation Skills Handbook

Presentations are required in a hugely diverse range of situations, and effective speakers must be able to get their messages across clearly, succinctly and without boring their audience. The Complete Presentation Skills Handbook will help anyone become prepared for and confident about giving presentations. Straightforward and authoritative, this book is a guide to giving the right presentation to an audience. It covers all the questions anyone should ask themselves before giving a presentation. It presents a checklist that enables readers to tailor their presentations to their own circumstances.

Develop Your Presentation Skills

Develop Your Presentation Skills takes a step-at-a-time approach to developing a belting presentation, from unpicking the original brief, understanding just what an audience wants and constructing compelling content that will keep them rapt with attention. With anecdotes and expert input, Develop Your Presentation Skills covers all the essentials necessary to make a good presentation, including advice on how to build confidence; increase personal competence; use body language; maximise effectiveness of room layout; use technology and implement disaster recovery methods.

Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals

This book gives you invaluable tips on how to make your presentation clear and accessible, how to interact with your audience and how to retain their interest while keeping your anxiety under control. Naomi Karten has used her vast experience both positive and negative on the front lines of public speaking to provide key advice (and many chuckles!) in this engrossing read for the technical professional.


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