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About this Guide

Welcome to the Research guide! Click on the different tabs to find helpful information needed for the research process! 

3 Rules of Research


Golden Rule -- Plan Ahead

Assume the worst and plan accordingly.  For example, maybe you won’t be able to find an available computer to do your research or maybe we won’t have the items you want.  Likewise, remember that materials ordered via Interlibrary Loan may take a week or more to arrive.
Silver Rule -- Let Your Topic Guide Your Research

Research is a process of constant refinement.  Although a broad topic can be a great way to generate ideas and search terms, it also often involves sifting through lots of irrelevant information.  A narrower search strategy (a highly specialized topic and/or if you only want full text articles) is more focused but often makes it more challenging to find information.  As your broaden and narrow your search strategy, you should always maintain a clear idea of the types of information you want your research to produce.
Bronze Rule -- Speak With A Librarian

Librarians are trained to find and access information.  We also know which indexes or terms might be better for your topic and what sources might produce additional information for you.  Among other things, librarians can help you develop your topic, teach you how to use resources more effectively, and assist you in finding relevant resources. Librarians are available to help you in the library, by phone, by email and by scheduling an appointment with a Research Coach.  


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