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Nursing: Patient Education

This information guide is customized for the discipline of nursing. It includes resources for bachelor's, master's and doctoral students and faculty members.

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Patient Education Tools

What questions should patients be asking?

The questions patients ask will give their doctor and health care team important information about them, such as your most important health care concerns.  Better communication is likely to result in better care.  Encourage your patients to ask the right questions.

The 10 Questions You Should Know

What is the test for?
How many times have you done this procedure?
When will I get the results?
Why do I need this treatment?
Are there any alternatives?
What are the possible complications?
Which hospital is best for my needs?
How do you spell the name of that drug?
Are there any side effects?
Will this medicine interact with medicines that I'm already taking?

Source:  U.S. Health and Human Services, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality