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Nursing: Books

This information guide is customized for the discipline of nursing. It includes resources for bachelor's, master's and doctoral students and faculty members.

Nursing E-Books

Union University Library

E-BOOK Resources

Medical Heritage Library

“The Medical Heritage Library now has 100,000 digitized books. Zow! " The Medical Heritage Library (MHL) brings together a huge curated collection of digitised works related to health and medicine in the 19th and 20th centuries, drawn from some of the most important medical history libraries in North America and the United Kingdom." The 100,000th book is an 1893 missive on massage, which includes methods for eye massage that have completely squicked me out. I didn't want dinner anyway.”

The Medical Heritage Library includes volumes from both the British Medical Heritage Library and the US Medical Heritage Library.

Any book within this Library should be freely downloadable since it is a part of the Internet

Shared by ResearchBuzz, October 2, 2015, by Tara Calishain.