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A guide to research resources in engineering

Engineering Databases

General Databases

Print Journals

The following journals are available in print in the Periodicals Reading Room on the first floor of the library:

  • Fortune
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Science
  • Wired

Specific Online Journals

Union has engineering journals available online. These can be accessed by clicking the "Journals By Title or Subject" link on the library homepage. To search for a specific journal title, simply type the title of the journal in the search bar. If we have access to this journal, options for access will appear under the journal title on the results list.

You can also search for available journal titles by subject. Simply click the subject (engineering) you wish to search and journals will populate the results list alphabetically. 

Some of the journals available online include:

  • Advances in Mechanical Engineering
  • Electric Machines and Power Systems
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineer
  • Global Design News