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Zoom Research Coaching

Join a Zoom Meeting (Windows 7)

Join a Zoom Meeting (1 of 8)

When you schedule a Research Coach meeting via Zoom, you will receive an invitation to the Zoom meeting.  The invitation will contain a link to the meeting.  This link is what you will use to join the meeting/research coach appointment. 

To join a meeting, click on the URL underneath "Join Zoom Meeting".  

Join a Zoom Meeting (2 of 8)

The first time you join a meeting, the Zoom program will need to be downloaded and installed.  After clicking on the URL to join the meeting, you will be prompted to begin the installation.  Click on the "Open URL: Zoom Launcher" button.  This will allow the program to begin installation.  

Join a Zoom Meeting (3 of 8)

During the process of installation and running Zoom, you will be prompted to save the file for Zoom which will allow the process to continue.  Click on "Save File".  Then follow directions from the orange box in the corner, prompting you to download the program. 

Join a Zoom Meeting (4 of 8)

Once you've clicked on the download button, the program will start to download and begin to connect you to the Zoom meeting.  

Join a Zoom Meeting (5 of 8)

Once you have joined Zoom (after the program installation is complete), you will be given the chance to enter your screen name.  This screen name is what will appear on the screen when you are "meeting" with someone in Zoom.  So choose carefully! 

Join a Zoom Meeting (6 of 8)

Before your meeting starts, you can choose to join the meeting with computer or phone audio.  For the research coach appointments, we recommend computer audio. However, if the computer audio is not working, the research coach appointment can be conducted via Zoom using a phone.  

Be sure to test the audio a few minutes before the meeting (or research coach appointment) is scheduled to start. 

Join a Zoom Meeting (7 of 8)

Sometimes the host of the meeting will not let participants join before them.  If that's the case, please wait patiently until the host (the Research Coach) starts the meeting.  

Join a Zoom Meeting (8 of 8)

A black screen will appear when you are "in the meeting".    Make sure that your computer camera is on and ready so the Research Coach can see you.  Adjust the audio to make sure you can hear the Research Coach.