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Zoom Research Coaching

Join a Zoom Meeting (Windows 10)

Join a Zoom Meeting (1 of 6)

When you schedule a Research Coach meeting via Zoom, you will receive an invitation to the Zoom meeting.  The invitation will contain a link to the meeting.  This link is what you will use to join the meeting/research coach appointment. 

To join a meeting, click on the URL underneath "Join Zoom Meeting".  

Join a Zoom Meeting (2 of 6)

The first time you join a meeting, the Zoom program will need to be downloaded and installed.  After clicking on the URL to join the meeting, you will be prompted to begin the installation.  It can happen automatically, but if it doesn't, click on "click here' or "download and run Zoom".  There will then be a box in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.  Click that box.  

Join a Zoom Meeting (3 of 6)

The program should be starting to download to your device.  

Join a Zoom Meeting (4 of 6)

Once you have joined Zoom (after the program installation is complete), you will be given the chance to enter your screen name.  This screen name is what will appear on the screen when you are "meeting" with someone in Zoom

Join a Zoom Meeting (5 of 6)

The program will ask if you want to join with or without  video.  Click "join with video".  

Join a Zoom Meeting (6 of 6)

Sometimes the host of the meeting will not let participants join before them.  If that's the case, please wait patiently until the host (the Research Coach) starts the meeting.