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Zoom Research Coaching

Joining a Meeting in the App

Starting in the App (1 of 2)

Zoom has a mobile app that allows you to use Zoom on your phone or tablet. These instructions are for joining a meeting using the Zoom mobile app on an iPad or iPhone. 

When you open the mobile app click "join a meeting." 


App opening page

Joining the Meeting (2 of 2)

Enter your screen name and the meeting ID which was emailed to you by your Research Coach. 

Then click "Join."

Enter Meeting ID Screen

Hosting a Meeting in the App

Opening the Mobile App (1 of 6)

To host a Zoom meeting, you will need to sign in to your Zoom account. 

Choose the "sign in" button at the bottom of the screen.

App Opening Screen

Single Sign on (2 of 6)

On this screen choose, "SSO" or "Single Sign On" to properly log into your account.


Sign In Screen

Entering a domain name (3 of 6)

When signing in with a single sign on, you will be required to enter the domain name.  At this point, enter "uu" for the domain name.  

Using an email address (4 of 6)

Enter your Union email in the box that asks for an email address (the Union campus should be in the background). 

Then enter your Union password when prompted followed by the verification code when asked.

Logging Into App

Opening the app (5 of 6)

When prompted, click on "open" to finally enter Zoom as a logged in user.   

Opening the App as Logged In

Connect (6 of 6)

Now you can choose to join a meeting or host a meeting to connect with students or classmates. 

App user homepage