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This guide will show you the basics of using RefWorks, the research source management tool.

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Install Write-N-Cite tool


  • A plug-in that allows you to edit and insert citations into your paper 
  • creates bibliography as you insert in-text citations to the body of your paper
  • Available for Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Hangul


Directions for installing Write-N-Cite to your word processor can be found by:

  1. Log into your RefWorks account
  2. Choose the "tools" button from the top bar
  3. Pick "Tools" from the drop down menu
  4. Find "Install Write-N-Cite" 
  5. Use the tabs to find directions for installing Write-N-Cite to your preferred word processor
    1. For newer versions of Microsoft Word including Office 365:
      1. Open Microsoft Word
      2. Choose the Insert Tab; then choose "Add-ins"
      3. Search for RefWorks; then select add
  6. Follow the prompts to complete the installation

Write-N-Cite in Microsoft Word

  1. Open Microsoft Word, choose the "RefWorks" tab from the top tool bar
  2. Log into RefWorks, if you have not already done so by choosing the button that says "Log In," use your RefWorks credentials to login when prompted
  3. Choose your citation style from the dropdown menu in the "Citation and Bibliography" section
  4. After typing your quote or paraphrase choose the "insert citation" option and a pop-up box will appear
  5. Choose the folder where you saved your reference and scroll until you find the correct reference (you can also search by title or author in the search bar)
  6. Click the reference to highlight it (you can see a preview of the citation towards the bottom of the box), then press "OK"
  7. Your in-text citation should be automatically inserted where your cursor is located within paper
  1. Press the "Bibliography Options" button under the "RefWorks" tab 
  2. Choose insert bibliography to create a bibliography page (you will need to insert a page break before the bibliography for proper paper formatting)
  3. After creating the bibliography for your first entry, all subsequent in-text citations will generate an entry in the bibliography

Write-N-Cite in Google Docs

  1. Begin writing your paper and write your quote
  2. Keep the cursor next to the quote and press the "Add-On" button from the tool bar
  3. A pop-up will appear on the right side (log in to RefWorks, if you haven't already done so)
  4. All your references from RefWorks will appear
  5. Choose a specific folder using the drop down menu at the top of the box OR search for a specific reference using the search bar OR scroll through your references to find the correct one.
  6. Hover over the appropriate entry and press "Cite This" when the button appears
  7. Your in-text citation will appear where your cursor is within the paper
  8. A reference list will appear after inserting the first in-text citations; additional reference entries are added to the reference list as the in-text citations are inserted into the body of the paper.

To change your citation style, click the cog/settings button and choose "Change Citation Style" from the drop down. Then, choose the correct citation style from the pop-up window.

REMEMBER: Check all in-text and reference entries created by RefWorks for accuracy and correctness!

Save to RefWorks Tool


Use the Save to RefWorks tool with any web browser to save references and full text from any website. Follow these steps to install "Save to RefWorks" tool.

  1. Log into your RefWorks account and ensure your bookmarks/favorite bar is visible
  2. Use the "tools" button and choose "Tools" from the drop down menu
  3. Find the "Save References from the Web" section
  4. Press "Install Save to RefWorks" button (directions for installation will pop-up)
  5. Drag the "Save to RefWorks" icon to your web browser bookmarks/favorites bar
  6. The tool is now installed


  1. Find a website or webpage you would like to use as a reference
  2. Once you are on the desired webpage press the "Save to RefWorks" button on your bookmarks/favorites bar
  3. A pop-up box will appear on the right side of the screen after RefWorks has scanned the webpage for necessary information
  4. Check the information in the pop-up box and add information as needed
  5. Choose "Save to RefWorks" at the bottom, then view your reference in RefWorks or close the side bar and continue your research