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This guide will show you the basics of using RefWorks, the research source management tool.

Upload from a Database or Library Catalog

Exporting references to RefWorks from a database or our library catalog 

  1. Find your article or book and open it by clicking the title
  2. In an EBSCO database: choose the "export" option from the tools list. In a GALE database, choose the "cite" button from the options at the top of the article. In the library catalog, choose the "cite" button for your book 
  3. In EBSCO: Ensure that "Direct Export to RefWorks" is selected then press "Save" In GALE, click the "RefWorks" icon to export to RefWorks. In the library catalog, click the hyper link that says "Export to RefWorks" in the pop up box
  4. You will be asked to save to the latest version of RefWorks (click the button)
  5. If you have not already logged into RefWorks, you will be prompted to do so
  6. After logging in, you will see an Import Complete screen
  7. Upon clicking "OK," you will be taken to the Last Imported page, where you can move your reference to a specific folder

Upload a Reference from Your Computer

Upload saved documents (articles) from your computer

  1. Save your document to your computer 
  2. Drag the document icon into the All References, Last Imported, or specific Folder screen
  3. Wait for document to upload and RefWorks to import citation information


  1. Go to RefWorks and choose the "Add" button
  2. Choose "Upload Document"
  3. Search your computer files for the document you wish to upload
  4. Choose "Open" and your document will be uploaded with the corresponding citation information

Manually Add Citations to RefWorks

Manually Add References

  1. Open your RefWorks account and choose the "Add" button
  2. From the drop down menu, click "Create new reference"
  3. Choose a reference type from the drop down menu next to "Ref Type" (Changing the reference type ensures you have all the right information needed for a bibliography)
  4. Enter the required information into the boxes (i.e. title, author, publication date, page numbers, etc.)
  5. Then press "Save" 

Summon Full Text

Use Summon Full Text to let RefWorks generate possible title matches:

  1. Enter the title of the work into the appropriate box as mentioned above
  2. Press the blue lightning bolt at the end of the title line
  3. Possible options for your resource will appear at the bottom of the side bar
  4. Choose the reference from the list that matches by clicking the correct title and RefWorks will auto populate the rest of the information
  5. CHECK that all the information auto-populated is correct