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Physical Education, Wellness & Sport

This guide was created to assist students and faculty when doing research in the area of physical education, wellness and sport. It provides links to journals, blogs, books and more.

Task #1

Based on the idea that some diets are very restrictive and challenging to stick to, do a search in Google scholar. Use the search terms "diet resolution," you can also use the search stick to a diet. Compare the results of these two searches (sometimes in research we have to try multiple search options to find the best sources). 

Then find the article titled, "How Long Do People Stick to a Diet Resolution? A digital epidemiological estimation of weight loss diet persistence." The first letter of the first author's last name will be your final secret letter. 

While you are looking around and searching in Google Scholar, you may also want to set up an alert email for your diet. Directions can be found in the Using Google Scholar video.

Task #2

Using the Health and Wellness database and advanced search option find an academic and peer-reviewed article by Alan Aragon, Brad Schoenfeld, Robert Wildman et al. The article was published in 2017. It discusses diet and body composition as it relates to sports nutrition.

TIP: Try using quotation marks around phrases when you are searching (i.e. "body composition")

Your secret letter is the first letter of the title of this article.  

Task #3

Find the following book in the library's catalog. Then go upstairs and find the book on the shelf. Your secret letter will be inside the book. 

Essentials of Nutrition

Task #4

Access the eBook through the library catalog: Encyclopedia of Diet Fads by Bijlefeld and Zoumbaris published in 2015. 

You will find an entry on all the diets Dr. Powell gave as choices. Find the section about diet myths. The first myth is: "Fad diets work for permanent weight loss." Read through the explanation of why this is a myth, then tell the librarian in your own words why this is a myth. She will give you the your secret letter. 

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