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MLA 8th ed. Style Guide


Below are some basic guidelines to use when formatting your research paper using MLA citation style.  However, some professors may have specific preferences when using MLA.  Make sure to follow your professor's specific guidelines over MLA recommendations.



The Modern Language Association (MLA) permits any font to be used for papers. However, they do recommend that the font be legible and distinct when using the regular and italics of that font.  

Using 12 point font is recommended.  

Line Spacing and Margins:

Use one inch margins on all sides of the document. 

Put only one space after periods. 

Double space between all lines in the document. 

When a quote is more than four (4) lines long, make it a block quote with a margin of one half inch from the left margin.  

Headings and Title: 

MLA does use headers that feature numbers that only number the pages.  When using numbers as a header, make sure the numbers are set in the top right hand corner of the document.  They need to be one-half inch from the top of the page and flush with the right margin. 

MLA does not use a title page; however, if your professors requests a title page, then use a title page for your paper.  


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