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Nursing: Instruments

This information guide is customized for the discipline of nursing. It includes resources for bachelor's, master's and doctoral students and faculty members.

What is a Research Instrument?


Instruments are assessments, scales, questionnaires, measures, surveys, inventories, and tests used in qualitative and quantitative research. Some instruments are proprietary, some are not. 

Indentifying and finding instruments can sometimes be difficult.  If you are starting the process of locating an instrument and having any difficulties, consider some of the tools described to the right of this box. You may also contact a librarian for assistance by email, call
731-661-6573 (Jackson) or
901-312-1904 (Germantown) or
visit a Union library.

Finding research instruments

Identifying Research Instruments

The following are places to identify research instruments.  Identifying an instrument is generally just the beginning of the process - you will next need to locate the actual instrument and gain any needed permissions to use the instruments.  This is sometimes an easy process and sometimes a difficult one.  Contact your faculty member or a librarian if you need further assistance.